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Why Drop a Bomb when you can TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN?

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aig New revelations show that it wasn’t 165, or 170 million dollars in bonuses given to AIG executives. But 218 MILLION taxpayer dollars. Being madder than a hornet isn’t enough. This is criminal behavior on the part of Corporations. We must remember: These companies have absolutely no allegiance to the United States. AIG serves only itself and other countries. No need to drop a bomb when you can take the money and run.
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AIG spends 165M in bonuses.

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Political denials! Bailout blindness!’s mattress time! There really is no excuse.  Banks are less trustworthy than ever. Banks are unscrupulous users of the system Personal vault and safes are being sold at an all time high: Banks are not to be trusted. It is unlikely that many will not return th e money.

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March 16, 2009 at 1:03 pm