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Salem Art Fair & Festival: Go for the Multi-Day Pass

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Salem is not what I would call a bastion of Bohemianism.  But it’s  art, music and culture scene has really picked up in the last couple of years.

This colors and variety of the pieces alone attracted hundreds of lookers. Valued at $198.00 a bargain of fun to walk away with.

The the Culture Shock Community and The Salem Art Association are perfect examples of non profit event organizers that are making Salem a better place to live.

Culture Shock for instance is promoting free classes have started this week in Salem for everything from Yoga to Finger Style Guitar picking. Willamette Art Center is booking ceramics classes for all ages.

This year, the Salem Art Association, upped the ante for it Annual Art Fair and Festival. Be sure to get a Multi-Day pass so you’ll have time to chat with the artists who all seem friendly and approachable.

not unlike that of the late Adelle Davis’ theme, “You are What you eat.”  Kathy’s artistic themes put spin on that idea. Her art is coved in text: “You are what you read. ”

Kathy’s are is not just sculpture, not just literature, not just paper machete or found art. Yet its  a librarian’s dream, playful, colorful and cultured.

Kathy Ross is One such artist I met featured 3-D Art, much of which was sculpted.  Kathy remarked to me her theme is

Another piece, shown at this year’s festival, Your are what You Sing: and perhaps one of this year’s most popular pieces, “The Shopper, aka Junk Collector” pictured here.

Kathy Ross can be found at this weeks Festival at Aisle 3, Booth 30.


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July 17, 2010 at 8:17 am

Chandeliers Shine and Stained Glass glows in Midtown Sacramento.

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Traveling on a Sunday allows one to be adventurous in church visits. There is such a cornucopia of churches to choose from and people to meet.  Inevitably you meet somebody special or learn something unique about people.

Today I met Barbara Spittler, who has been attending the First United Methodist Church of Midtown Sacramento since its building in 1925. For her age, I might add, she was sharp as a tack, and had answers to all my questions.  I mentioned to her that I thought the chandeliers seemed be be kept quite clean, (knowing at my church what a huge undertaking that is.)

Barbara, sitting in the pew next to me said, “Yes. They used safety ropes and pulleys to do that. Not an easy task. The chandeliers were made in the basement by our music director.  He was a welder.  He learned metal work for the sole purpose of building the chandeliers. All the chandeliers are one of a kind. ”

“Did they make the crystal?”

“No,” she laughed, “those are just dessert bowls that they picked up and the five and dime store that was down the street at the time.”

# # #

After the service I enjoyed Valentines Cake in the annex.  Curious though it was why they were serving it a week early. I noticed a beautiful stained glass window, which had been imported from the older church in 1925.  I couldn’t help but want to take pictures.  Be sure to click on them for full effect.

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February 9, 2009 at 2:19 am