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I live in Oregon’s most dysfunctional town of Salem. Although it lacks the color and culture of Eugene & Portland, its serves up more than its fair share of politicians, prisons and pulpits.

Salem to its credit is surrounded by terrific countryside farms and greenery, which I intend to photograph for this blog in the near future. I love photography, playing mandolin, trips to the Oregon coast and sharing time with friends. Goods friends have been difficult to find lately though. Generally good friends answer their cellphones and emails promptly. Others are well, probably just born in a barn and have forgotten proper decorum.

Although I have strong religious convictions but don’t wear them on my sleeve like many; I am a very liberal religiously and politically. I don’t know many people in my community that are that way, so often I feel like I must be an island until myself. Social networking (MySpace, Facebook, Imeem) never filled that void of finding like friends. So blogging is often how I vent those frustrations.

I travel alone quite a bit, so I really hate eating alone. Join me for a meal sometime.

I am not an imperialist. I enjoy the company of all kinds of people. My true friends I hold close to me, and I try to accept them for who they are and where they are going and the spiritual path that takes them there.

Power corrupts. I am a skeptical of multinational corporations, social imperialism and insurance companies. So much of my content reflects that.

To me there is only one thing better than a reader, and that is one that makes even a brief comment.

Thanks for reading.


Written by gettheconcept

January 3, 2009 at 1:15 pm

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