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Importance of Writing a Check for Contributions to Non-Profits

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Checks are not less appreciated, and can go farther when making cash donations.

Although small contributions in cash are convenient there are really alot of reasons why its better to write a check to a non-profit organization than give cash.  The largest reason to write a check one is direct accountability. It decreases temptation.

Cash has a way of slipping out the side, (ask any bookkeeper).  Cash is a universal commodity that anybody can use. Always write a check to make sure the money goes to the right entity or non-profit organization. Cash is likely to not be designated for use. There is no paper trail.

Truth is, its better to write a check for $2.00 than give fives dollars cash. You’ll have better peace of mind, and you’ll have a record for your tax deduction. If the money gets lost, you’ll know it.

It somebody share that they prefer you not write a check, you know there is a problem. Decline the contribution, no matter how small.


Written by gettheconcept

June 10, 2010 at 3:48 am

Posted in Cultural Events

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