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The Fickle Finger of Pharmacy

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It’s not often that I feel passionate enough about a business so much that I will specify one to avoid.  But I can no longer keep quiet about this one.  People need to be forewarned.

The award this year’s Fickle Finger of Pharmacy goes to Express Scripts for generally bad service, poor delivery and  communications with physicians offices.  The who point of course is to eliminate getting the prescription to the patient. This also goes for Cura Scripts which was purchased by Express Scripts. I can’t tell you how many times my doctor has rolled his eyes about these people.

Today’s excuse for not delivering my prescription, “your doctor sent the prescription, and but not the strength, so we faxed them, faxed them and faxed them with no response.” Truth is, they don’t and won’t use a telephone. Why?  Because they don’t have to hire people to answer them. It sure would be nice if they had let me know here was a problem!

Last month the excuse was, “we need to reverify your insurance” which hasn’t changed in years. My last delivery was at least 4 weeks late, with the wrong quantities.

Its not that they don’t only NOT deliver on time, but they put up so many road blocks, (gee willickers…and the online forms you have to fill out?)  Now, its not only that skimmed (sent) me a lesser quantity serveral times than what the order required. But they actually asked I go to a local Rite Aid pharmacist to verify the quantities were wrong.

Used and favored heavily by Insurance companies, the theory is they save the customer money by providing a 90 day supply for the price of a copay.  The problem is they don’t deliver. Motive? Well, let me ask you this:  If a insurance adjuster where the one to actually repair your car collision, would it ever get done?

Document, document document with these people! Keep dates and times. Businesses like these won’t be around very long. Why? Two words.

Attorney General.  And don’t think for a second they haven’t been in trouble before!

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  1. That’s terrible. My mom had similar experiences, and you end up feeling that they just don’t care. Or maybe they used to care, but the management doesn’t, and the average employee can’t do anything to change it.


    April 25, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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