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Cellphone carriers are like Banks: Too Big.

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I stopped into three major cellphone carriers today to evaluate their prices. Prices continue to be  higher, even in this economy. Not only that, but now that we have lost television bandwidth  to them via the FCC, so  they stand to even make more money with added features.

Having to few of cellphone carriers nationwide is like not having enough Big Banks to support our economy….we don’t have enough cellphone competition in the market place. I believe they are engaged in price fixing.

An entry level cellphone costs around 59.95 per month. But that doesn’t include all the “garbage” fees like activation, FCC, 911, access. taxes, and charger. Chances are now matter how  you look at it, you’ll pay  about $70.00 per month, about $840 per year, assuming you have no text message packages, or internet bandwidth. That’s alot of money for anybody who only works 20 days a month.

Our family, has decided to invest in pre-paid phones. No overcharges, access fees, contracts, or sales commission to pay. Best yet, the companies can’t extort money for not fulfilling annual contracts.  (I had to threaten a major carrier about billing us such a fee, even thought we fulfilled a contract several years ago. Apparently the words, “Attorney General” were sufficient to get a refund and an apology from them. They apparently were in enough bad trouble to motivate changed their name to change for several years in order to loose that reputation. Ironically, now they, are back, of course, and lost their name as Cingular.)

Get a pre-paid phone.  It will save you a wad of money sufficient to send you to the movies twice a month, and then some. My wife worked it out for herself. She says it will cost her about $8.00 a month. That’s less than the garbage and extortion fees along the contracted phones put you on!

I have a feeling as more people are won over to pre-pay phone time, the contracts will dissappear.


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