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Feeding Bankers? Start building your Chicken Coop.

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Feeding Bankers? Better build your chicken coop now.

Feeding Bankers? Better build your chicken coop now.

When I was a kid…I got one of those magic 8 balls that would tell your fortune,  with water and a cube in it. I have a feeling, if one was to shake and ask about the economy it would show, “Outlook not good.”

Corporations have outsourced manufacturing to China, services to India, and food to foreign countries.  With impending draught,  middle class  Americans who can grow their own food by square foot gardening or trade for be able will survive.

The economy is in the dump because of lack of manufacturing, services and car sales. The bailout will not generate that.  Banks are no longer trustworthy. Insurance companies are worse.  Pharmaceutical companies  have such a huge lobby they are immune even to the nation’s largest lobby groups, the AARP and the American Medical Association.

Sure we benefit from rebuilding bridges and roads. But how is that going to put create a product that people will buy, and we can export? My personal feeling is no amount of money will save the economy.  Money is not the reason there is a lack of jobs.  Outsourcing is. We now lack original products and services that make us globally competitive, and domestically secure.

So, how many cups of soup can a trillion dollars buy over 10 years? There may come a time when we need to feed to poor, and not rich bankers.

Oranges are imported from Brazil.
Cars imported from Japan.
Services from India.

And now Oregon, the World wide provider of hazlenuts is importing them from Chile.

When will it stop? Maybe. But for now, hotels are empty, travel is down, and airlines are hurting more than ever. I say save bailout for the people.  We will need it sooner than you think.  Ask California state employees that are being furloughed this week.  We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Oh yeah. Another thing. My great grandmother survived the depression because she had chickens. If we keep on feeding bankers with bailout money, we might as well start building chicken coops.


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