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Slate’s Jack Shaefer style thought of as “snarky” by Christian Science Monitor editor.

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I listened to NRP this week where Jack Yemma, editor of the Christian Science Monitor is interviewed.  It is here where Jack Shaefer’s critique of the newspaper industry is described by the editor of the Christian Science Monitor as …

…brilliant, and snarky, and very Slate like. It’s not necessarily true though, because I think there are some very good and very successful newspaper web sites. I think he’s looking at the past; that most news organizations right now are really are really thinking “web first” in many ways and they still are somewhat hindered in their thinking because they have a print product to do first.”

I thought snarky to be a very cool word.  I looked it up to make sure it was a real word.  It’s one if those way cool words you can’t use very often but shows cool profudity if properly juxtaposed. 

I wonder if Mr. Shaefer has acquired a new nick name at the Slate office as a result?


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