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Crash & Burn:Priscilla Presley shows anger on Larry King

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Priscilla Presley shows anger during interview when compared to White House.

Priscilla Presley shows anger during interview when Graceland was compared to White House.

I watched Larry King live tonight where he interviewed Priscilla Presley live from Graceland. I noticed they pulled the live footage video from the website for some reason.

[ Related footage video from CNN Video  ]

What had transpired during the interview was Priscilla became cleary angry when Larry King had suggested that Graceland was the #2 toured home in America, which followed the White House in position #1. Upon his statement it seemed she had a very clear sense of anger about that comment of being number two. Quickly they went to a commercial. Larry then came back in and said, “Well, the White House is a publicly owned residence, so Graceland is the #1 Privately owned residence in America.

Clearly Prisilla should have hired a spokesperson for Graceland. I found it funny when Larry asked Priscilla if the check she had on display for the $30,000 check deposit was signed by Elivs himself. Clearly she was unprepared. It was signed by, as she read it, Vernon Presley, not Elvis. Clearly this interview was not clearly thought out by the Graceland administration.

Clearly she has profit in mind here. Price to see Graceland is between 28 and 69 dollars a head.   A tour of the White House is free.


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January 12, 2009 at 4:46 am

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