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Predictions for 2009

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1. Water prices will percentage wise climb over the price of oil.

2. There will be an increase in the pay-day lending business, as most of these are owned by national banks and are more profitable.

3. GM will go into chapter 11 regardless of the bailout. Corporate executives will leave with huge pensions.

4. Chain restaurants will go back to charging per glass, instead of unlimited pop.

5. Billions of dollars will be pumped into inspecting imported containerized goods by real people.

6. The price of produce will continue to climb as a result of lack of water in central states, and lowering of immigrant work force coming into he United States.

7. Obama will support the Arts like no president has before.

8. Britney will be a shipwreck, a has been. She is too old.

9. By public demand, pharmaceutical companies will loose favor over foreign online pharmacies. Lawmakers will be heavily influenced by the AARP and others to keep prescription prices down.

10. Capital online advertising revenues will exceed 12% from the previous year.


Mary Applen will have a birthday party to beat all parties in November.

Sean Dickson will be living with more than 5 animals and a wife.

Casey Applen will own his own dog for the first time.

Joe Presler will become manager of a new Safeway Store, to be built in the Spring.

Jeff Presler will not be seen again in Marion County for a year. He will have more friends than ever, and become even more proficient in piano. His entertainment revenues will exceed $4000.00 in pocket change.

Waterfall will play at the State Fair this year on the Main Stage.

Heather and Jonathon will probably move. Again.


Written by gettheconcept

January 1, 2009 at 7:38 pm

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