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Learning to live without a Personal Cellphone.

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The majority of my friends have some of the fanciest cellphones on the market. They show me the pictures they have taken; and also show me the coolest graphical interactions. Many of the features their phone have are remarkable features and are quite intuitive.

Deep inside, I feel sorry for them.

The truth most of my friends can’t afford the cellphone they have.

How do I know? It’s easy. Give them a call. They hardly ever answer their phone:They can’t afford the minutes.

If you’re lucky, they might reply using text messaging instead.

They don’t get it. Some of my friends would rather loose their home first before loosing their cellphone service. They would rather pay 120.00 a month than 25.00. Some are even piss poor students who can’t feed themselves. Many are on family plans where the minutes by division are so divided, only the text messaging feature is valid.

So my wife and I discontinued our cellphone service, and we are happier. What’s the point in calling people who don’t answer their phones? (and even if they don’t pick up you have to pay.)

American’s are an easy mark for free and discounted products. “Start ’em cheap and bill ’em later heavy” is the motto of the cellphone industry. This in the same country where marketing easily causes an immediate discourse in values: buy a cake on sale, and buy a case of Diet Pepsi to make up for the calories.

I have found that friends without cellphone are happier, and better yet, are more inclined to take you to dinner!


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