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Halliburton: Too Many Dark Secrets of Dick Cheney

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Cheney has favored Haliburton too long to stay out of trouble.

Cheney has favored Haliburton too long to stay out of trouble.

Vice President Dick Cheney at this point has had so many dark dealings with regard to the Halliburton Corporation’s presence in Irag, they are too numerous for me to mention here.

I believe what Dick Cheney has under wraps are domestic EPA issues which may soon come to light. Alot of it has to to with Natural Gas, and it’s method it’s recovery called Hyraulic Fracturing. Dick Cheney helped this drilling giant Halliburton expand the commercial use of hydraulic fracturing. Part of this process includes pumping fluids into the ground in order to facilitate gas drilling. Some of the ingredients of these pumped fluids according to this weeks “Business Week” magazine “don’t have to be disclosed” if containerized in 50 gallon or smaller units.

“The gas industry says disclosure would only make people nervous.” – Business Week November 24, 2008

Why the big question mark? The oil from a 1 gallon can ruin the taste of a million gallons of drinking water (1 part per million), the supply of 50 people for one year.

Essentially here, Halliburton is contaminating water supplies. Serious water contamination has been documented in seven states. I suspect Dick Cheney has wrongly influenced the EPA to look the other way.
If there isn’t an Congressional oversight committee dedicated to this influence, I suspect there soon will be.

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Written by gettheconcept

November 22, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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