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U.S. auto execs plead for Congress to fund bailout: But Don’t Deserve a dime.

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Regarding: U.S. auto execs plead for Congress to fund bailout – Yahoo! News

US auto executives don’t know how to make a car American’s want.

We need smaller well made cars with good fuel economy, a car that lasts 200,000 miles and can run on electricity or hyrodgen. How about a car with resale value? Unless Detroit can prove they can make such a vehicle they don’t deserve a dime.

Just because any company fails or can’t keep market share doesn’t mean they deserve a second change. How many time have the airlines been bailed out?

The newspaper industry isn’t doing well. Does it deserve the bailout?

Just because you loose market share doesn’t mean you get a handout from the goverment. You have to show potential for demand and performance.

Detroit executive leaches have been marginalizing labor unions on obsolete car production for years. On the other hand maybe Detroit executives don’t need the handout, they have so much money they won’t fly first class to ask for their money.

Do you deserve a bailout?  Apply here.


Written by gettheconcept

November 19, 2008 at 5:50 am

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