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Denny’s Restaurant Roseburg, Oregon a Winner.

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Let me say for the start, generally I don’t consider Denny’s a 5 star restaurant. Usually you get what you pay for. With Denny’s you typically get reasonable economy. However the Denny’s in Roseburg Oregon #7743 seems to have something very special going on as far as level of service goes. Here are some of the things I noticed:

  1. Their manager, Heather really has alot of charisma. Her cook staff on a Sunday afternoon are really very entertaining to watch even though I watched from the counter. You can tell they enjoy what they do, and all the cooks, including Heather as the back-up were “into the rhythm of making alot of good food happen very quickly.” It was an amazing thing to watch. It’s like I was like watching a PBS documentary. Even from afar you can tell that these people know what they are doing.
  2. The Roseburg Denny’s did some things that other locations don’t do to keep the eating experience fresh. As is typical of my diet, I ordered oatmeal. The milk server provided was clearly not the standard issue ugly stainless steal restaurant mini-beaker. They even had raisins for my oatmeal. Finding raisins at a restaurant may seem commonplace to alot of restaurants, but to Denny’s it is not. I had remarked to my server that I had previously blogged about the fact that the Fresno Denny’s just off Olive didn’t have raisins for their oatmeal, nor did the location in Williams, California.

    I asked my server Michelle why. “We’re a not a a corporate location. We’re a franchise.”

    I thought this a pleasantry, that fact that an independent franchise owner could excel over the workings or a corporate operated location. The manager Heather explained they have to special order the raisins over the common food delivery. “Ya gotta have raisins,” she said. This is something an oatmeal regular like myself likes to hear.

  3. The entire restaurant staff seemed energized even after the Sunday rush. They would not let a customer leave the lobby without a group birthday greeting. Food was on time, and the restaurant was clean.

Chances are next time I’m hungry traveling on I-5, I ‘ll stop at Denny’s in Roseburg Oregon again for quality service. Denny’s is ususally not my favorite chain. But in this case the people make all the difference. Count your blessings Roseburg!


Written by gettheconcept

October 6, 2008 at 4:02 am

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