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A favorite reader: Ruby O’ Toole.

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There’s this one lady who reads my blog pretty regularly. She doesn’t blog herself, but sends me little notes and exclamations about my misspellings. She likes short sentences. She questions my content, but always with a warm heart.

For that I am thankful. It keeps me in check.

Ruby has a cornucopia of personal qualities. She has quite a colorful personality, and quite a history to tell. She’s a artist, a terpsicorian, a counselor and a Universalist, She’s an actress and a certified clown. She is a very spiritual person but doesn’t wear it on her shoulder, and is a terrific social mixer. She is my only reader that is an ice skater on the pond of life.

She’s okay by me, and I have alot to thank her for. With her I get the real deal.

“Nothing endures, but personal qualities.” – “Walt Whitman

Some people call her Mary.

Thanks, Mom. And thanks for the Mohead.


Written by gettheconcept

October 2, 2008 at 6:25 pm

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