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Choice Hotels loosing out to Motel 6 and Pink Pillow cases during hard times.

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Addition of wireless to the Motel 6 chain is changing business habits.

Addition of wireless to the Motel 6 chain is changing business habits.

As a national travel salesperson I have noticed a change in business hotel visitors.

Motel 6, (a one star hotel, with essentials only) is gaining on market share over Choice Hotels. (Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn and Quality Inns, among others; featuring middle of the road decor.)

My reasoning in unscientific. In the last coupe of months I have noticed nicer cars now parked at Motel 6. That says alot. I have seen more company cars and airport rentals. And the trend seems to be growing.

Reason is simple. Motel 6 is getting their act together and finally adding wireless to many of their locations. This was a primary reason business people avoided the value chain, (among some others of course.) But now with gas prices up…Motel 6, (many of which are owned by Accor) have added wireless, bigger showers, and nicer shower heads.

The other reason for market share loss on the part of Choice Hotels is, they have upped their rates 20-40% in the last year it seems. Much of this is to accomodate the “Get $250.00 in free gas promotion.” The money has to come from somewhere. But times are tough.

One night’s stay at a Motel 6 can buy an employer another tankful of fuel. That makes any employee look good.

Imagine what staying for 2 or 3 days can do.

Smart business people are can see through the promotion…and keeping their employers happy.

In my opinion, the most important thing about a hotel stay is primary three things:

  1. The shower head,
  2. The pillow
  3. The quality of the wireless signal.

I recommend you save $60.00, but keep the comfort by bringing your own pillow.

Avoid bringings white pillow. Youll forget it.

Avoid bring a pillow with a white pillow case to a hotel: You'll forget it.

Never bring a pillow into a hotel with a white pillow cover. You’ll be less likely to forget it in the morning.

You may be suprised when you wake up thought. If you get a wake up call, it’s really just a recording. Tom Bodett is not in the motel office. He’s probably staying the Hampton Inn though, with the ad royalites he makes.

Chances are if you’re drinking though you might as well stay at Super 8. But thats another story.


Written by gettheconcept

September 11, 2008 at 4:06 am

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