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The Barbershop Effect.

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This phenomenon is often not talked about among men. When a guy goes into a barbershop, or even steps just inside the door of the barbershop, there is a level of commitment. A point of no return.

It’s true. Generally speaking, a man only has one generally reason to go in. Not to buy shampoo. Not to ask about a selection of services, and very often not to look for a price the wall (which typically is obscured or non existent anyway).

Its kind of a scary thing. Only 3 things can happen:

  • You’ll walk in only to see that the barber(s) are busy and you may ask if they can get you in soon. There may be others waiting. Most men will feel like a real clod if don’t they join the other guys sitting down who are waiting. Inevitably there is always a fuzzy television set on, with some sports on it.
  • Danger zone: you and the barber will meet eyes. You’re toast. Whether he’s a good barber or not, just by stepping in the door you’re committed. Not a bad thing if you’ve been there before.
  • The barber(s) will be cutting hair already when you enter. This puts you into a grey zone. This gives you a chance to evaluate the barber, (which can be more important than evaluating the haircuts they are giving.)

I made a phenomenal mistake onetime. I went to the barbershop next door to my new place of work.The barber had on a toupee. A very bad one at that. I took a deep swallow and sat in the barbers chair.

Needless to say, got a bad haircut.

My boss said…”you went to Jacks’ to get your haircut didn’t you?”

I hated to admit it to him. I felt better when he shared that he and several other new employees fell into the trap.

Maybe next time I’ll go to a stylist or Supercuts, but just to buy some shampoo.


Written by gettheconcept

July 18, 2008 at 2:13 am

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